Centre for Capacity Training and Development (CCTD) provides continual management training and development for business employees in the public and private sector. It has become the standard method of training and development for management and non-management staff at most organisations.


CCTD emerged from concerns about the lack of continual professional development, raised by businesses in both the private and public sectors. It offers practical methods of improving performance efficiency on a daily basis. However, delivering such training presents daunting challenges and has become one of the most complex issues in Human Resource departments.

Key Factors

Performance management has become the benchmark of all businesses striving to meet their corporate objectives, and organisations therefore strive to increase staff productivity. CCTD believes that the correct development of human resources, considering creativity and productivity, is the answer. The lack of these two key factors plagues both local and global organisations. CCTD adopts a two-pronged approach to address both in all types of business organisations.

Training Staff

We pride ourselves on employing the most experienced facilitators and consultants, who will equip you to become a visionary manager, a leader in your career and your organisation. Our facilitators and consultants use their proven business expertise to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape management practice and meet world economic demands. They will provide key insights based on their practice-based experience, offering numerous perspectives whilst challenging your thinking at every level. We use interactive methods in our training programmes that meet the needs of all participants, and set excellent standards in everything we do.

A Shift in Thinking

Transitioning from an accomplished functional specialist to a successful manager in today’s world requires more than strong management skills: it requires a fundamental shift in thinking. Effective managers at all levels, as well as CEOs must understand the essence of their business and lead holistically– understanding how key decisions impact each business function. This transition can take years to complete. Our well-structured CCTD training programmes enhance and smooth out this personal and professional transformation. After the training, participants return to their respective organisations in a new frame of mind, with enhanced business judgement, and the self-confidence to lead through periods of growth and loss. This will sustain the organisation’s competitive advantage. This extensive set of Management Development programmes will shape your future and the future of your organisation. We are committed to positive impacts and outcomes on participants and their organisation through using bespoke management ideas based on current best practice and thinking.


Our training centre is primed to provide strategic training interventions that close the gap in staff performance deficiencies and scale-up existing knowledge to encourage optimum level performance. You will emerge from CCTD with the self-confidence and strategic skills to take on greater cross-functional responsibilities within your organisation, whether through training programmes delivered at our centre, or through our on-site programmes. You will become the visionary Manager, Director, or CEO that the business world needs.