Accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider
Accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider


Our programmes are based on open access policy and are designed exclusively for supervisory, junior and senior managers working in both public and private sectors
We enable delegates to sharpen their skills through our structured professional development programmes.
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  • Public Sector Resources Systems (PSRS)
    Management of Rural Development (MRD)
    Statistical Methods for Risk Management
    Public Health Management
    Participatory Rural Project Planning
    Corporate Financial Management Program
    Talent Management & Succession Planning
    Gender Analysis Planning Development
    Strategic Procurement & Contract Management
    Monitoring & Evaluation of Agriculture Projects
    Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
    Public Debt Management & Techniques


  • GMA-1Talent Management & Succession Planning
    GMA-2Public Sector Resources Systems (PSRS)
    GMA-5Leadership for Women Managers
    GMA-6Corporate Information Management
    GMA-8Reframing Organisation & Institutional Strengthening
    GMA-9Managing NGOs in the 21st Century
    GMA-10Managing Electronic Records in Government Bodies
    GMA-11Total Quality Management (TQM)
    GMA-16Contract Management (Principles Practices & Strategy)
    GMA-17Organizational Capacity Analysis & Development
    GMA-18Public Service Delivery program
    GMA-19Pension & Social Security Management
    GMA-21Cross Cultural Management
    GMA-22Public Policy & Management Perspectives & Issues
    GMA-24Local Government Governance Program
    GMA-26Board Development for Directors
    GMA-27Organisational Needs Assessment Program
    GMA-28Technology Development for Non-Technology Managers
    GMA-29Parliamentary Administration
    GMA-4Strategic and Operational Planning
    GMA-7Prevention & Detection of Corporate Fraud
    GMA-30Managing Strategic Change
    GMA-33Organizational Change Management Policy & Strategy
    GMA-34Policy Analysis Management for Civil Servants
    GMA-3Strategic Planning for Executives Managers
    GMA-12Management Development for Senior Executives
    GMA-15Strategic Management & Planning
    GMA-23Corporate Governance & Organizational Development
    GMA-25Effective Management Skills
    GMA-31Executive Secretaries & Personal Assistants
    GMA-33Organizational Change Management Policy & Strategy
  • PAR-5Management of Rural Development (MRD)
    PAR-6Drought Management for Public Water Bodies
    PAR-10Extension & Participatory Development
    PAR-12Integrated Water Resources Management? (Conflict & Negotiation)
    PAR-14Information Communication Technologies for Agriculture Extension Officers
    PAR-17Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction Program
    PAR-1Small & Micro Enterprises Management
    PAR-4SMEs Entrepreneurship Development
    PAR-17Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction Program
    PAR-18Management of Community Development Projects
    PAR-21Rural Poverty Alleviation Program
    PAR-3Participatory Budgeting (Concepts & Principles)
    PAR-8Poverty Monitoring & Assessment Systems
    PAR-13National Accounts & Statistics
    PAR-15Monitoring & Evaluation of Poverty Programs
    PAR-19Entrepreneurship: Micro-Finance & Credit Management
    PAR-20Performance Monitoring Indicators (PMI)
  • ERC-3Integrated Water Resources Management Planning
    ERC-7Management of Irrigation Projects
    ERC-9Negotiation & Mediation Techniques for Natural Resources
    ERC-14Statistical Methods for Risk Management
    ERC-16Carbon Credit (CDD/PDD) Applications
    ERC-1Leadership & Climate Change
    ERC-6Integrated Water Resources Management
    ERC-17Integrated Disaster Management (IDM)
    ERC-19Sustainable Land Development
    ERC-20Forest Sustainability Development Program
    ERC-4Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Natural Resource Management
    ERC-5Integrated Environmental Management (IEM)
    ERC-8Natural Resources & Sustainability
    ERC-10Sanitation & Solid Waste Management
    ERC-11Environmental Health Research Program
    ERC-12Conflict Resolution in Natural Resources Management
  • HM-2Health Systems Research
    HM-5Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) Alleviation Program
    HM-11HIV/AIDS & Development
    HM-10HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment
    HM-12Palliative Care Management HIV/AIDS
    HM-13Managing HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
    HM-14Management & Administration of HIV/AIDS
    HM-18Nutrition Management in HIV/AIDS
    HM-1Health Management & Development Program
    HM-4Medical Secretaries Program
    HM-7HIV/AIDS Clinical Training Management
    HM-9Strategic Planning for Health Executives
    HM-16Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS
    HM-17Strategic Planning: HIV/AIDS Strategy Development
  • PMM-3Participatory Planning & Monitoring (PPM)
    PMM-4Participatory Rural Project Planning
    PMM-5Monitoring & Evaluation of Micro Credits
    PMM-11Project Estimation & Budgeting Program
    PMM-20Government? Operational Project Planning & Control
    PMM-2Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects
    PMM-12Monitoring & Evaluation of Rural Credit Schemes
    PMM-14Program Development (Strategy & Implementation)
    PMM-18Project & Environment Management
    PMM-19Development Project Analysis Management
    PMM-1Project Management Information Systems
    PMM-6Investigation and Prevention of Corruption in Projects
    PMM-9Public Sector Program (Implementation, M&E strategy)
    PMM-15Management, Control & Evaluation for Donor Funded Projects
    PMM-17Project Management for Engineers
  • FMA-6Performance Auditing & Investigation
    FMA-7Accountability, Transparency & Ethics (Anti-Corruption & Fraud Prevention Strategies)
    FMA-10Local Public Financial Management
    FMA-19Performance Accountability & Combating Corruption
    FMA-22Fiscal Management for Organisations
    FMA-2Corporate Financial Management Program
    FMA-3Performance Auditing Implementation
    FMA-4Financial Management Performance
    FMA-5Management Accounting & Cost Control
    FMA-8Public Sector Budgeting & Budgetary Control
    FMA-12Government Accounting & Auditing
    FMA-20Managing Public Expenditure
    FMA-21Public Sector Auditing (Value for Money)
    FMA-1Financial Management & Strategic Planning
    FMA-9International Financial Reporting Standards Program
    FMA-11Public Sector Accounting & Budgeting
    FMA-16Computerized Financial Modeling (CFM)
    FMA-18Tax Audit & Assessment
    FMA-23Audit Skills for Public Sector Auditors
  • HRD-5Public Sector Delivery Program
    HRD-8Service Delivery: Performance Measurement & Benchmarking
    HRD-11Reframing Organisation & Institutional Strengthening
    HRD-17Civil Service Performance Improvement Program
    HRD-19Youth Empowerment & Development Programs
    HRD-2Performance Accountability & Combating Corruption
    HRD-3Talent Management & Succession Planning
    HRD-9Management of Performance & Rewards
    HRD-12Management Development Program (MDP)
    HRD-13Leadership in the Public Sector
    HRD-16Organizational Capacity Analysis & Development
    HRD-21Leader Development Skills for Managers
    HRD-4Human Resources Management: Skills & Techniques
    HRD-12Management Development Program (MDP)
    HRD-14Conflict Management & Resolution
    HRD-18Internal Training & Knowledge Mngt (HR)
  • GDA-4Gender Analysis Planning Development
    GDA-5Gender, Health &? Politics Program
    GDA-8Participatory Gender Implementation & Monitoring
    GDA-11Gender & Entrepreneurship
    GDA-16Gender, Media & Culture Training
    GDA-1Gender Auditing
    GDA-3Gender Training on Policy & HIV/AIDS
    GDA-10Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Rights
    GDA-13Gender Sexuality & Reproductive Rights
    GDA-2Gender Mainstreaming: Practical Skills & Critical Analysis
    GDA-7Gender: Reproductive Health & Advocacy
    GDA-9Gender Awareness & Development
    GDA-12Gender & Change Management Program
  • PL-6Modernizing Procurement in the Public Sector
    PL-7Tender Design & Evaluation Skills
    PL-8Contract Management & Dispute Resolution
    PL-17Rural Road Development & Maintenance Program
    PL-18Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) (Public Sector Development)
    PL-2Effective Contracting & Award of Public Tenders
    PL-5Monitoring & Evaluation of Procurement Performance
    PL-12Procurement for Organizational Development
    PL-14Works Procurement Management
    PL-15Equipment, Materials & Goods Procurement Management
    PL-1Strategic Procurement & Contract Management
    PL-4Effective Negotiation in Projects & Procurement – UNDP training
    PL-10Contracting & Contract Management
    PL-11Procurement Management for World Bank Funded Projects
    PL-16Strategic Procurement & Sourcing
    PL-19Transport & Logistics? Management
  • AFS-3Agricultural Marketing & Export
    AFS-5Small-scale Livestock Development Extension
    AFS-8Drought Management for Public Water Bodies
    AFS-14Farmer Lead Extension Management
    AFS-2Management of Rural Development
    AFS-7Gender Analysis for Agriculture & Natural Resources Management
    AFS-10Integrated Water Resources Management? (Conflict? & Negotiation)
    AFS-16Food Safety & Quality Management
    AFS-17Participatory Farm Management (Research & Extension)
    AFS-1Management of Agricultural Research (MAR)
    AFS-9Agricultural Trade & Trade Policy) Macro-Economic & Analysis)
    AFS-11Agricultural Survey: Design, Implementation, Data Analysis & Reporting
    AFS-15Solid Waste Management & Sanitation Program
    AFS-18Drought & Food Security Management
    AFS-19Gender in Agriculture (Critical Issues)
  • MPR-7Handling Customer Complaints & Care Program
    MPR-2Marketing & New Product Development Management
    MPR-4Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
    MPR-6Marketing & Horticultural Crop Production
  • BFM-6Public Expenditure Analysis & Management
    BFM-10Anti-Money Laundering Training Course
    BFM-8Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction Program
    BFM-1Public Debt Management & Techniques
    BFM-2Macro-Economic Forecasting (National Strategies
    BFM-7Revenue Policy & Administration (Macro-Economic Perspectives)
    BFM-9Development Banking & Credit Administration
    BFM-11Mortgage Banking Laundering (New Paradigms & Strategies)
    BFM-12Community-Based Microfinance Program
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