• PMM-19 Development Project Analysis Management Apply
    PMM-20 Government Operational Project Planning & Control Apply
    PMM-06 Investigation and Prevention of Corruption in Projects Apply
    PMM-15 Management, Control & Evaluation for Donor Funded Projects Apply
    PMM-05 Monitoring & Evaluation of Micro Credits Apply
    PMM-02 Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects Apply
    PMM-12 Monitoring & Evaluation of Rural Credit Schemes Apply
    PMM-03 Participatory Planning & Monitoring (PPM) Apply
    PMM-04 Participatory Rural Project Planning Apply
    PMM-14 Program Development (Strategy & Implementation) Apply
    PMM-18 Project & Environment Management Apply
    PMM-11 Project Estimation & Budgeting Program Apply
    PMM-17 Project Management for Engineers Apply
    PMM-01 Project Management Information Systems Apply
    PMM-09 Public Sector Program (Implementation, M&E strategy) Apply
  • HM-01 Health Management & Development Program Apply
    HM-02 Health Systems Research Apply
    HM-11 HIV/AIDS & Development Apply
    HM-10 HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment Apply
    HM-07 HIV/AIDS Clinical Training Management Apply
    HM-16 Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS Apply
    HM-14 Management & Administration of HIV/AIDS Apply
    HM-13 Managing HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Apply
    HM-04 Medical Secretaries Program Apply
    HM-18 Nutrition Management in HIV/AIDS Apply
    HM-05 Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) Alleviation Program Apply
    HM-12 Palliative Care Management HIV/AIDS Apply
    HM-09 Strategic Planning for Health Executives Apply
    HM-17 Strategic Planning: HIV/AIDS Strategy Development Apply
  • ERC-16 Carbon Credit (CDD/PDD) Applications Apply
    ERC-12 Conflict Resolution in Natural Resources Management Apply
    ERC-11 Environmental Health Research Program Apply
    ERC-20 Forest Sustainability Development Program Apply
    ERC-04 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Natural Resource Management Apply
    ERC-17 Integrated Disaster Management (IDM) Apply
    ERC-05 Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) Apply
    ERC-06 Integrated Water Resources Management Apply
    ERC-03 Integrated Water Resources Management Planning Apply
    ERC-01 Leadership & Climate Change Apply
    ERC-07 Management of Irrigation Projects Apply
    ERC-08 Natural Resources & Sustainability Apply
    ERC-09 Negotiation & Mediation Techniques for Natural Resources Apply
    ERC-10 Sanitation & Solid Waste Management Apply
    ERC-14 Statistical Methods for Risk Management Apply
    ERC-19 Sustainable Land Development Apply
  • FMA-07 Accountability, Transparency & Ethics (Anti-Corruption & Fraud Prevention Strategies) Apply
    FMA-23 Audit Skills for Public Sector Auditors Apply
    FMA-16 Computerized Financial Modeling (CFM) Apply
    FMA-02 Corporate Financial Management Program Apply
    FMA-01 Financial Management & Strategic Planning Apply
    FMA-04 Financial Management Performance Apply
    FMA-22 Fiscal Management for Organisations Apply
    FMA-12 Government Accounting & Auditing Apply
    FMA-09 International Financial Reporting Standards Program Apply
    FMA-10 Local Public Financial Management Apply
    FMA-05 Management Accounting & Cost Control Apply
    FMA-20 Managing Public Expenditure Apply
    FMA-19 Performance Accountability & Combating Corruption Apply
    FMA-06 Performance Auditing & Investigation Apply
    FMA-03 Performance Auditing Implementation Apply
    FMA-11 Public Sector Accounting & Budgeting Apply
    FMA-21 Public Sector Auditing (Value for Money) Apply
    FMA-08 Public Sector Budgeting & Budgetary Control Apply
    FMA-18 Tax Audit & Assessment Apply
  • AFS-03 Agricultural Marketing & Export Apply
    AFS-11 Agricultural Survey: Design, Implementation, Data Analysis & Reporting Apply
    AFS-09 Agricultural Trade & Trade Policy) Macro-Economic & Analysis) Apply
    AFS-18 Drought & Food Security Management Apply
    AFS-08 Drought Management for Public Water Bodies Apply
    AFS-14 Farmer Lead Extension Management Apply
    AFS-16 Food Safety & Quality Management Apply
    AFS-07 Gender Analysis for Agriculture & Natural Resources Management Apply
    AFS-19 Gender in Agriculture (Critical Issues) Apply
    AFS-10 Integrated Water Resources Management? (Conflict & Negotiation) Apply
    AFS-01 Management of Agricultural Research (MAR) Apply
    AFS-02 Management of Rural Development Apply
    AFS-17 Participatory Farm Management (Research & Extension) Apply
    AFS-05 Small-scale Livestock Development Extension Apply
    AFS-15 Solid Waste Management & Sanitation Program Apply
  • GMA-26 Board Development for Directors Apply
    GMA-16 Contract Management (Principles Practices & Strategy) Apply
    GMA-23 Corporate Governance & Organizational Development Apply
    GMA-06 Corporate Information Management Apply
    GMA-21 Cross Cultural Management Apply
    GMA-25 Effective Management Skills Apply
    GMA-31 Executive Secretaries & Personal Assistants Apply
    GMA-05 Leadership for Women Managers Apply
    GMA-24 Local Government Governance Program Apply
    GMA-12 Management Development for Senior Executives Apply
    GMA-10 Managing Electronic Records in Government Bodies Apply
    GMA-09 Managing NGOs in the 21st Century Apply
    GMA-30 Managing Strategic Change Apply
    GMA-27 Organisational Needs Assessment Program Apply
    GMA-17 Organizational Capacity Analysis & Development Apply
    GMA-33 Organizational Change Management Policy & Strategy Apply
    GMA-33 Organizational Change Management Policy & Strategy Apply
    GMA-29 Parliamentary Administration Apply
    GMA-19 Pension & Social Security Management Apply
    GMA-34 Policy Analysis Management for Civil Servants Apply
    GMA-07 Prevention & Detection of Corporate Fraud Apply
    GMA-22 Public Policy & Management Perspectives & Issues Apply
    GMA-02 Public Sector Resources Systems (PSRS) Apply
    GMA-18 Public Service Delivery program Apply
    GMA-08 Reframing Organisation & Institutional Strengthening Apply
    GMA-04 Strategic and Operational Planning Apply
    GMA-15 Strategic Management & Planning Apply
    GMA-03 Strategic Planning for Executives Managers Apply
    GMA-01 Talent Management & Succession Planning Apply
    GMA-28 Technology Development for Non-Technology Managers Apply
    GMA-11 Total Quality Management (TQM) Apply
  • PL-08 Contract Management & Dispute Resolution Apply
    PL-10 Contracting & Contract Management Apply
    PL-02 Effective Contracting & Award of Public Tenders Apply
    PL-04 Effective Negotiation in Projects & Procurement – UNDP training Apply
    PL-15 Equipment, Materials & Goods Procurement Management Apply
    PL-18 Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) (Public Sector Development) Apply
    PL-06 Modernizing Procurement in the Public Sector Apply
    PL-05 Monitoring & Evaluation of Procurement Performance Apply
    PL-12 Procurement for Organizational Development Apply
    PL-11 Procurement Management for World Bank Funded Projects Apply
    PL-17 Rural Road Development & Maintenance Program Apply
    PL-01 Strategic Procurement & Contract Management Apply
    PL-16 Strategic Procurement & Sourcing Apply
    PL-07 Tender Design & Evaluation Skills Apply
    PL-19 Transport & Logistics? Management Apply
    PL-14 Works Procurement Management Apply
  • HRD-17 Civil Service Performance Improvement Program Apply
    HRD-14 Conflict Management & Resolution Apply
    HRD-04 Human Resources Management: Skills & Techniques Apply
    HRD-18 Internal Training & Knowledge Mngt (HR) Apply
    HRD-21 Leader Development Skills for Managers Apply
    HRD-13 Leadership in the Public Sector Apply
    HRD-12 Management Development Program (MDP) Apply
    HRD-12 Management Development Program (MDP) Apply
    HRD-09 Management of Performance & Rewards Apply
    HRD-16 Organizational Capacity Analysis & Development Apply
    HRD-02 Performance Accountability & Combating Corruption Apply
    HRD-05 Public Sector Delivery Program Apply
    HRD-11 Reframing Organisation & Institutional Strengthening Apply
    HRD-08 Service Delivery: Performance Measurement & Benchmarking Apply
    HRD-03 Talent Management & Succession Planning Apply
    HRD-19 Youth Empowerment & Development Programs Apply
  • BFM-10 Anti-Money Laundering Training Course Apply
    BFM-12 Community-Based Microfinance Program Apply
    BFM-09 Development Banking & Credit Administration Apply
    BFM-08 Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction Program Apply
    BFM-02 Macro-Economic Forecasting (National Strategies Apply
    BFM-01 Public Debt Management & Techniques Apply
    BFM-06 Public Expenditure Analysis & Management Apply
    BFM-07 Revenue Policy & Administration (Macro-Economic Perspectives) Apply